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Nuance Hosting will be adding valuable information to this page, for those who are looking at getting onto the web for the first time. You'll soon find helpful definitions, FAQ and everything you need to help you make a good decisions, whether for your personal site, or your corporate website!

1. Decide on a domain name & have it registered - your domain should reflect your business name or the nature of the website. Nuance Hosting can register your domain name for you. Domain names are registered for one year, and must be renewed yearly.
2. Obtain hosting services for your website - Nuance Hosting offers flexible hosting packages starting as low as $6.95 CAD per month and you can chek all other offer here unlimited hosting plans. You can choose to pay on a monthly or yearly basis.
3. Build a website - there are many options for this step. Nuance Hosting offers a program included with all packages that will allow you build your own website. Or you can choose to purchase a template design and build it from there. Or you can choose to have Nuance Hosting or any other service provider build your website for you.
4. Market your website - once your website is live and updated, it is time to promote your website, to search engines, to customers and the general public. Marketing is one of the most important may build it, but they may not come! With millions of websites online, be sure to take the time and market your site. Nuance Hosting offers search engine optimization services, key word development, and can offer numerous strategies to ensure your site gets seen!

There are no hard and fast rules as to how to do this, but here are some points to consider, to help you get started.
- you may want to choose your business name or an abbreviation of your business name
- you may want your name to reflect the type of business you do
- ideally, keep the name to less than 20 characters long in total
- most often, .com domain names rank higher on the search engines, than any other suffix
- domain names can contain letters, numbers and '-' dash signs
- upper case and lower case makes no difference for domain names, as dns servers will automatically default to lower case

You will want to be sure to choose a web hosting provider who can provide maximum uptime, with minimal downtime (inaccessible servers, mean inaccessible websites). You may want a hosting company who offers a variety of services, and can assist both techncial and non-technical customers develop their websites. And most importantly, you need an affordable dedicated server services which offers the flexibilty of services you require.

There are now many options for building your own site - FrontPage, Dreamweaver, built in Site Studio software, etc. Although these programs are beneficial for customers not very familiar with how to write html code for the internet, it is a feasible option. Such site building programs often do not allow the same degree of readability by the search engines, and clutter your website with excess code that makes your site difficult for search engines to read. Whether you choose professional or do-it-yourself website development, know that your website is a reflection of you and your business. It is the first thing many customers will see...and will help them decide to contact you, or not, for further services.

There are hundreds of ways to promote a website, but the most effective, is high rankings in the search engines.80% of customers on the internet only look within the first 20 listings...and that's where you want to be. Search engine optimization is a science unto itself. You have to manually submit your website to the search engines, and wait for them to index your website - a process that can take as long as three months. You'll also want to link your website in appropriate directories, as well as create reciprical links to your site. Email marketing campaigns, use of your website address in promotional materials and general word of month are also very effective methods of promoting your internet site.

Nuance Hosting is able assist with developing your online business from the ground up, as well as assisting established sites regain focus and ranking.

Let us know how we can help you, to help your business grow!